Who is CookieSwirlC?

CookieSwirlC started her YouTube channel to share her passion of toys and creating stories through play.  Cookie treasures her fans, and has a big heart, especially when it comes to animals.  Cookie is a believer that toys enhance the imagination and allow for creative expression.



In September 2019, Mattel released an Official CookieSwirlC Barbie doll that is exclusive to Wal-Mart that incldued a doll of Cookie and her two pet dogs.

Cookie has been awarded the YouTube Silver, Gold, and Diamond Creator Awards.

In December 2018, a one minute long commercial/episode aired on TV that she co-directed along with Moose toys based on one of her Shopkins videos.

Cookie directs, writes, films, and produces all of her own content.

Cookie is proud to be part of the Rivet reading app that encourages reading.  She writes stories for Rivet based on her own videos.


“Here is my original doodle of the CookieSwirlC logo.  I knew I wanted to create a cute chocolaty chippy cookie.  The second cookie doesn’t look too thrilled to have a bite taken out of it lol, so I changed it.” -Cookie


Billions are Watching:

CookieSwirlC has fans from all over the world and has generated over 12 BILLION views worldwide.  She has uploaded over 3000 fun videos for her 12 million subscribers.


“Silver and Gold YouTube Creator Rewards (YouTube Play Buttons) celebrating CookieSwirlC’s 100,000 subscriber and 1,000,000 subscriber milestones.  I have these on the wall to remind me of how many people my videos have reached.” -Cookie


Giving to Others:

CookieSwirlC happily donates to multiple charities including:


WEAVE for women and children

A Place to Bark

Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary

Shriner’s Hospitals for Children

Wildlife Victoria

WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.)

Wildlife Warriors

Charity: water


Find Cookie:

Please make sure you always follow the official links to Cookie’s social media.  And remember, CookieSwirlC does NOT have a facebook, Skype, Snapchat or any other social media besides the ones linked below.

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Cookie would love to see your digital fan art!  Since the P.O. Box is now closed, please send your fan mail to the email below.  


Thank You!