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Voice In A Video

Dad – Spot Filled
Mom – Spot Filled
Brother – Spot Filled
Sister – Spot Filled


Hi Cookie fans I’m looking for 4 fans who would like to voice a Calico Critter character in one of my videos. I have 4 different characters (Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother) who each say a quick line in a video and I thought it would be awesome if 4 different cookie fans would like to voice a part. If under 18 a parent must email me. If you are interested and are able to record clear audio of the quick lines please email me at ___ with the email Subject being “Character Voice.”



Check out the video a few post above for finished video

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Yumm Pumpkins

I totally can’t wait for Halloween, so I thought I’d get a taste of the holiday with yummy Rice Krispy Treats! This kit comes with everything you need (except butter) to make these pumpkin shaped treats. Check out the easy how to video below:


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Limited Edition Shirts


Love Cookieswirlc and Halloween? Here’s a sweet treat: limited edition Cookieswirlc shirts! Available only through October 2016. The cookie pumpkin shirt has been designed by me Cookieswirlc. Click the SHOP tab to get yours.

Can’t wait for Halloween, Enjoy a spooky cute video below:

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Grow Your Own Crystals?

I love checking out the Dollar Tree store crafts. Not only are they only $1 but I never truly know if they will work or not like these 2 sets I found: Grown your own crystals and crystal tree. I was really surprised at the results: Check out the video below to see if I really could grow my own crystals?

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Oh Boy, cool!

Oh boy am I so happy to see boy 18 inch dolls! I found these 2 dolls at Walmart. They are the My Life As School Boy. Each one comes dressed in a hat, shirt, jeans and sneakers. I have not seen 18 boy dolls before. I’m really excited to see if the My Life as doll line makes more.

You can check out the review video of them here:

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Dollar Tree Coloring Fun

What could be better then coloring sets? How about coloring sets that only cost $1. Check out these cool coloring pages (like the giant Queen Elsa!) from the Dollar Tree:

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Cookieswirlc Does Not Have Facebook

no facebook for cookieswirlc

Hey cookie fans! Just a reminder that Cookieswirlc ( Cookie Swirl C) does NOT have a Facebook account! Any accounts that you see are fake including the posts. Please always be safe online. You can follow me on my official Instagram at @Cookieswirlc

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MyFroggyStuff and Cookieswirlc Video

Yay MyFroggyStuff was kind enough to voice a frog Littlest Pet Shop character in one of my play videos. Check out the MyFroggyStuff channel for the most amazing crafts and fun!
You can watch the play video here:
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Fun on AJ

Yay I had fun going to cookie fans dens on AJ. I can’t wait to play again.
Check out the video of all the fun!

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Look at all the cookie colored animals!! 🙂

Ok it has been a long time since I have played Animal Jam, so I’m going to try to log in again and play today. I will start logging in at 12:00 Pm PT California time (please remember I may be in a different time zone as you) 4/23/16 My user name is Miniswirl. Feel free to post a comment on my AJ wall, I’d love to hear from you.

I hope I’m able to log in but I have been having some log in errors. If I can’t log in I will post a message here and let you know 🙂
Check out a few of my AJ videos here:
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