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Shopkins Swapkins Party

Yay Shopkins is having a Swapkins party at Toys R Us on May 28th! Bring your Shopkins and trade them with other collectors. Moose Toys is also going to reveal a brand new collectible at the party to!! Oooh what could it be!!!???
Also you can get an exclusive Gold Kooky Cookie in the Season 5 12 pack only found at the Swapkins party event! You don’t want to miss it!
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Fun on AJ

Yay I had fun going to cookie fans dens on AJ. I can’t wait to play again.
Check out the video of all the fun!

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Look at all the cookie colored animals!! 🙂

Ok it has been a long time since I have played Animal Jam, so I’m going to try to log in again and play today. I will start logging in at 12:00 Pm PT California time (please remember I may be in a different time zone as you) 4/23/16 My user name is Miniswirl. Feel free to post a comment on my AJ wall, I’d love to hear from you.

I hope I’m able to log in but I have been having some log in errors. If I can’t log in I will post a message here and let you know 🙂
Check out a few of my AJ videos here:
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Season 5 Shopkins

Are you ready for season 5 Shopkins?
Meet the new characters here:

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Freebies Mailed

Ok all the My Little Pony blind bags and other freebies have been mailed to Cookie Fans, except one that I’m still waiting to hear back from.
More freebies coming soon …..

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More Freebies Soon

Thank you to all my cookie fans who emailed in to win for the My Little Pony blind bags. I wish I could mail a blind bag to everyone who entered but I only had 6. But they great news is that I have more to share with you cookie fans. Keep checking back here, as I may not have an announcement on Youtbue, for more freebies. I’m doing some spring cleaning and giving away all my doubles, including Shopkins and Frozen, to my Cookie Fans!!! So if you didn’t win the My Little Pony blind bag, no worries, I have doubles of the pony’s from the first video opening that I will be giving away. So check back soon for more freebies from Cookie.
All the extra pony’s from this video will be given away soon:

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Save On Cookie Fan Shirts

Don’t forget to add coupon code APRIL16 to your Cookieswirlc Order for 15% off!!!

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Packages on the Way

I have finally gone to the post office to mail out packages to cookie fans!!! Thank you for being so patient. I don’t go to the post office very often but gifts for cookie fans are on the way …. enjoy.
Keep checking website for free giveaways 🙂

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Happy April Fools Day

Wow It’s April 1st already! This year is really flying by! Speaking of flying by…… enjoy this video of Season 2 Shopkins Sneaky Wedge pulling a prank on Season 3 Beverley Heels:

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