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Happy 4th Of July

Wishing all my amazing cookie fans a very happy 4th of July!!!! 😀


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Happy Easter

Wishing all of my wonderful cookie fans a very happy Easter!! Hugs!!!

happy easter cookie fans

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Official Cookieswirlc Roblox Shirts

I’m so excited to announce the official Roblox Cookieswirlc shirts.

Your Roblox character can show that they are a cookie fan with the official shirt.

new roblox cookie shirt

The shirt has the cookie logo on the front and back of shirt, a gummy bear on one sleeve and a lollipop on the other! Fun!

Check out real cookie fans who have gotten their official shirt and how amazing they look:

cookie shirts roblox

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Cookie Pumpkin

Check out the coolest Halloween pumpkins a cookie fans Dad carved this year:


Cookieswirlc Pumpkin!!!!!! (It’s so cute I’m crying!!!)


Kooky Cookie


Hello Kitty, Minion, Olaf (the perfect shape for a snowman 🙂 )

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with me cookie fan! All the pumpkins are amazing!

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Limited Edition Shirts

Are you ready for Halloween? Don’t forget to pick up a Cookieswirlc limited edition shirt. The cookie logo has turned into a cookie pumpkin just for October! These are the last 2 days to grab your cookie pumpkin shirt now. Click the SHOP tab to get yours before they are gone!



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Limited Edition Shirts


Love Cookieswirlc and Halloween? Here’s a sweet treat: limited edition Cookieswirlc shirts! Available only through October 2016. The cookie pumpkin shirt has been designed by me Cookieswirlc. Click the SHOP tab to get yours.

Can’t wait for Halloween, Enjoy a spooky cute video below:

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Cookieswirlc Does Not Have Facebook

no facebook for cookieswirlc

Hey cookie fans! Just a reminder that Cookieswirlc ( Cookie Swirl C) does NOT have a Facebook account! Any accounts that you see are fake including the posts. Please always be safe online. You can follow me on my official Instagram at @Cookieswirlc

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Unicow Squinkies !!!

Yay cookie fans!! I hope you are having a wonderful day. The website is going to be going through a few updates over the next week so it may look a bit different. But don’t forget to check back soon! I will have another freebie to share with a lucky cookie fan! In the Squinkie Do Drops video below I found 2 Ultra Rare Unicows (unicorn cows) and I would love to share my doubles along with this ultra rare Squinkie. I will have full details of the freebie posted right here on the blog next week!!! Enjoy the video:

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MyFroggyStuff and Cookieswirlc Video

Yay MyFroggyStuff was kind enough to voice a frog Littlest Pet Shop character in one of my play videos. Check out the MyFroggyStuff channel for the most amazing crafts and fun!
You can watch the play video here:
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Fan Mail Thank you

I just wanted to say again thank you to my wonderful cookie fans + cookie fan parents for all your sweet fan mail. I’m trying to work out a system where I can open fan mail faster since I have boxes and boxes of sweet letters and packages I can’t wait to read.
Thank you for understanding that I am one person who has over 2 million fans so it takes me time to open fan mail. Actually fan mail is very hard for me to open fast believe it or not because I’m so touched by everyone’s kindness. I read every letter and look at all the drawings for several minutes before opening the next letter.
Fan mail from last month waiting to be opened.
fan mail boxes
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